Abigail Sex Dolls

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Abigail Sex Dolls

Beitragvon xstestersix » Sa 9. Dez 2017, 04:36

<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sexbeautifuldolls.com/2016-new-arrival-c-1/abigail-p-1.html">Abigail Sex Dolls</a>
Height: 155cm (61.02")
Weight:30 kg (66.13lbs)
B-W-H: 80-65-85cm (31.49"-25.59"-33.46")
Openings: Mouth(8cm), Vagina (15cm) and Anal(15cm)
Arm: 63cm (24.87")
Hand:16cm (6.3")
Leg:88cm (34.64")
Feet:21cm (8.26")

<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sexbeautifuldolls.com/2016-new-arrival-c-1/brianna-p-18.html">Brianna Sex Dolls</a>
Height: 155cm (61.02")
Weight:30 kg (66.13lbs)
B-W-H: 80-65-85cm (31.49"-25.59"-33.46")
Openings: Mouth(8cm), Vagina (15cm) and Anal(15cm)
Arm: 63cm (24.87")
Hand:16cm (6.3")
Leg:88cm (34.64")
Feet:21cm (8.26")

<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sexbeautifuldolls.com/2016-new-arrival-c-1/elfreda-p-36.html">Elfreda Sex Dolls</a>
Height: 125cm (49.21")
Weight:17 kg (37.47lbs)
B-W-H: 69-53-78cm (27.16"-20.86"-30.7")
Openings: Mouth(8cm), Vagina (14cm) and Anal(14cm)
Arm: 52cm (20.47")
Hand:13cm (5.11")
Leg:69cm (20.16")
Feet:16cm (6.29")

<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sexbeautifuldolls.com/2016-new-arrival-c-1/carmelita-p-21.html">Carmelita Sex Dolls</a>
Height: 125cm (49.21")
Weight:17 kg (37.47lbs)
B-W-H: 69-53-78cm (27.16"-20.86"-30.7")
Openings: Mouth(8cm), Vagina (14cm) and Anal(14cm)
Arm: 52cm (20.47")
Hand:13cm (5.11")
Leg:69cm (20.16")
Feet:16cm (6.29")

<a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sexbeautifuldolls.com/2016-new-arrival-c-1/helena-p-52.html">Helena Sex Dolls</a>
Height: 155cm (61.02")
Weight:30 kg (66.13lbs)
B-W-H: 80-65-85cm (31.49"-25.59"-33.46")
Openings: Mouth(8cm), Vagina (15cm) and Anal(15cm)
Arm: 63cm (24.87")
Hand:16cm (6.3")
Leg:88cm (34.64")
Feet:21cm (8.26")


Beitragvon AlvinLilky » Sa 9. Dez 2017, 13:31

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